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Purchasing bike frames for road

Purchasing bike frames for road

You must first make it sure that for what reason you wish to have your bikes for riding. The material should be comfortable for you and must be easy to use as well. The bikes that are made for the purpose of riding properly are usually used on the roads and other than this off road bikes cannot be used for such purpose. These are easy to use as compared to other types.

  • Different sizes and shapes:

This is one of the important reasons that one must think and should consider. has tested the size and realized that it must be accurate and best fit for your work to finish. Checks for the measurements you need to have that are comfortable for you. You should easily give time to your feet to get relaxed and use all the benefits from such type of frame bikes to get the easy ride.

The distances noted that is basic is usually 7 to 13cm for the bikes that are designed for the mountains including 5 to 10 cm for the purpose of bikes that are for the racing and for the hybrid bikes that measurements known are 1 to 8cm.

  • For what purpose you use your bikes usually?

    bike frame

You must keep in mind the main purpose of your bike that is whether for fun or for other purpose. Frames bike are especially designed for the purpose of racing and are much easy for riding as well as compared to other types.

  • Type that is known to be bike frame:

Check for the proper material needed for your road bikes frame that can help you to get benefit from. You must have different options for this case that are usually not as much expensive as you think. The heavy type which is seen is the steel one although they tried to make it the light one but failed to do so.

If you can have more to spend on, then you may get the titanium frames for this purpose. These are usually less weight and can be helpful when riding on the bike. Carbon forks are mixed with them and this helps you to handle it properly and makes it comfortable. These are made with good materials that will last for life long.

People usually think to purchase those bikes that are made up of carbon fiber frame. You may find it cheap and are known to people than any other type of frames like that of titanium. People use this frames because they are good and strong and easy to ride with these types of bike. It is good enough to check for the titanium frames such as Kestrel Talon Tri-Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber road bike but still you should have the perfect one for you.

Getting the right type of bike is essential to have for you and you must consider a number of reasons to purchase this type of bike for good rates and for several other reasons. Check for all the things needed for such type of bike that helps you in better way.

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The New Sleek Slimmer WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases

The New Sleek Slimmer WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases

Battery cases is the most important gadget as far as iphones are concerned and the much desired battery cases have come to being with the recently introduced iphone 6. The WireCutter battery cases which is rechargeable is named as the world’s slimmest and lightest WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases in the market. The sleek and stylish design of the WireCutter iphone 6 battery case eradicates the reception issues that come with all the current generations’ iphones. The polycarbonate shell that comes with this best 18650 battery cases protects the devices from bumps, scratches and even drops when you have a WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases.

The WireCutteriphone 6 battery cases has a 1500 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery that can doubles the power capacity of the iphone of the user thereby enhancing the use of iphone 6 for extended and elongated hours. The battery case even as a hole for the camera and an LED flash plus along with the complete access to the volume buttons on the iphone. The WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases also has a USB cable that can be ported on the case for the easy connection with the device.

The on and off of the battery case can be done easily with the help of the on and off switch that is present behind the case when using the WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases .

The battery case of WireCutter iphone 6 is a beautifully tailored one and has a battery meter through which the user can have knowledge about the level of the battery remaining. The trademark of WireCutter technology that works in the preservation of the energy of WireCutter that goes switched off involuntarily when the same is not used often.

The WireCutteriphone 6 battery cases generally comes in two colours in the market that is black and white and the user can select the one that goes well with the color of his iphone. The WireCutter battery case also provides a great use for all the iphone 6 controls generally. Double battery power for your iphone can help the user to use the same for extended hours. While charging the LED at the back of the case strobes left and right and on getting fully charged all the LED of the wirecutter iphone 6 battery cases gets lit up.

With users having so much of applications running in their iphones it’s natural that the battery gets used enormously. But with the WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases the users can forget any tensions related to the battery power of life of their iphones.

The two important standout specs that come for WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases batteries cases are its size and price. For more premium price the buyer is eligible to get the thinnest and the lightest battery case for their iphone that comes with great power.

The look the design and the performance of the WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases resembles to the most advanced iphone designs and gets easily compatible with any model of iphones that has been introduced in the market and the WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases is no exception .

Hence getting an WireCutter battery cases can help the iphone user to increase the capacity of their iphone 6 to a great extent with the WireCutter iphone 6 battery cases.

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Go Back to School – Mountain Bike School

Go Back to School – Mountain Bike School


The bike ride is not only an exercise or important things, but also it is very popular among the all aged people, included the children and adult. Most of the children like to ride on a bike and having a fun ride with their friends. As they are children, the parents should not give them the most expensive bike at the very first. I think the best mountain bikes under 500 will be the perfect bikes for them in very quality, style, price and overall all matters.

Why the mountain bikes are perfect for the school going children?

Though the adult and the young people are using the mountain bikes more, but the children bike users are also not few in number. It is also a very energetic and passion for them. They find most interesting whenever they hang out with their friends on a bike. But they can get help by their bikes when they are prepared to go to the schools. However, they also should be provided to use the mountain bikes because of having some other reason, like this

  1. To avoid the heavy traffic
  2. Get regular exercise and keep healthy.
  3. Try to be self dependent
  4. Remain very close to the nature.
  5. Save time.

To avoid the heavy traffic

Sometimes, a huge amount of vehicles and long traffic jam can be easily noticed on the roads. As the offices, courts and other commercial places used to start their working in the same certain time, the people have to face a lot of traffic jams every day. The big vehicles cannot move on the road quickly and that’s why they had to stuck in the road for a long time. But if the school going children uses a bike for their school going purpose, and then they can easily avoid this traffic and reach their class on time.

Get regular exercise and keep healthy

Now a day, the children seem to be busy with their studies and virtual games that, they can’t find out a specific time to do regular exercise. That’s why they used to get fat and had to suffer from lots of disease from the very early age. SO, if they drive the mountain bike while going to the school, they can easily avoid the extra exercise, but also can be benefited in the same way and keep healthy.

Try to be self dependent

If a child ride on a bike regularly, she/he can easily be self dependent. She/he will understand how to control a bike or how to control himself/herself in the road. To the bike rider can easily know the method of self controlling. So, the mountain bike is the best to make the children self dependent.

Remain close to the nature

As bike has a very easy structure, it can easily keep the riders very close to the nature. The cool breeze and fresh air can easily work as a tonic of all kind of monotonies and refresh the mind to motivate to work. However, the motor vehicles obviously can’t provide this facility indeed.

Save time

As the bikes are very light and need very narrow spaces to move, so it doesn’t have to stay for a long time in the terrific traffic jam. The bike can easily find out the specific lane to move. So, if the school going students use it for going to school, they can easily save a huge amount of time and reach their destination within the mean time without any difficulties.


However, it can easily sort out that how much the mountain bike is benefiting for the school going purpose to the students. Moreover, if any student has his own bike, then he also not have to waste his time to money for searching the other vehicles or provide the higher fare to it. If the mountain bike’s price is suitable to your budget, then you must not prove as too much foolish to choose the other branded bikes instead of choosing this one. Hope you will get the best experience of using the best mountain bikes under 500 and have the most comfortable and safest journey ever.

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Youngsters Sports – Related to Arranged Sports activities

Youngsters Sports – Related to Arranged Sports activities

Sports activities supply your son or daughter along with benefits such as workout, enjoyable, self-confidence along with a feeling associated with neighbourhood. As well as for a lot of kids, sports activities would be the most basic as well as pleased method of indicating sophistication and quality within theiryouthful life.

With one of these advantages in your mind, as well as wishing to supply the very best possibilities for the kid, a person along with other mother and father dutifully register your own young kids for that nearby youngster’s plan of preference.


Certainly this is actually the solitary easiest way with regard to kids in order to go after their own curiosity about sports activitiesas well as indoor cycling bike, create their own capabilities, and obtain probably the most from the encounter. However could it be?

Advantages of Structured Sports activities

Structured sports activities, given through grown-ups, provide 1 route for any kid to understand as well as value sports activities. Ability treatment centresand conventional developing youngsters leagues preferably allow educated instructors to show kids particular sports activities abilities as well as group perform together with sportsmanship as well as existence training.

Correct coaching, well balanced along with competitors suitable for age team as well as level of skill, can offer the actual program’s youngsters individuals having an excellent encounter. Additionally, actions tend to be closely watched, assisting to guarantee the security of the kid.

Do not help to make the actual error, nevertheless, associated with thinking which structured sports activities on their own will give you your son or daughter using the greatest general sports activities encounter. Structured sports activities are just 1 the main formula.

Wealthy Origins

During my youngsters actively playing as well as understanding sports activities had been the multi-faceted developing encounter. This started along with my father presenting me personally in order to sports activities through actively playing capture as well as supplying a few fundamental coaching.

As well youthful in order to perform inside a youngster’s category in those days, I’m also able to remember my father from time to time getting me personally to some nearby football area on the comfortable summer time night to view just a little Category football online game. Mainly, I recall the actual cease later on to have a glaciers lotion cone.

Within primary college, the fitness centre instructor started the fundamental coaching in a number of video games as well as altered sports activities.


Understanding how to turn out to be Self-Reliant

However it is necessary to realize that these types of community video games had been a lot more than simply actively playing sports activities.

These were additionally regarding understanding how you can connect to additional children–without the aid of mother and father or even additional grown-ups. All of us discovered how you can sponsor community children, arrange the overall game, and cope with quarrels, stability the person aggressive intuition from the requirements associated with other people within the team to ensure that everybody desired in order to perform.

Frequently, it had been the managing behaves to maintain everybody happy and also the online game heading. Based on who had been actively playing as well as the feeling, the actual video games stressed possibly calm enjoyable or even more severe competitors. However most of all, all of us managed the experience–we discovered being much more self-reliant.

The Contrasting Part years ago

For all of us, the actual structured sporting activities in our youngsters had been individual; contrasting encounters which assisted fill up the weekday nights as well as Sunday morning. In certain methods, structured sports activities symbolized the actual official check in our everyday enjoyable as well as video games.

All of us recognized these youngsters’ leagues had been operate through mother and father, much more organised, as well as generally much more aggressive. It had been nevertheless a thrilling, fulfilling experience-run through patient instructors that well balanced competitors, understanding as well as enjoyable. That is not saying presently there were not times associated with tension, concern, as well as boredom-or the casual bad training.

What exactly had been the important components composed of my personal youngsters sports activities encounter? These were included mother and father, fitness centre instructors, community pick-up video games which supplied a chance with regard to unstructured, self-organized play-and structured sports activities. The actual second option had been just part of the entire.

Structured Sports activities these days

sport-kidsHowever it is a brand new world-and a few of the modifications tend to be obviously types for that much better. Name 9, for instance, offers opened up the planet associated with sports activities in order to an incredible number of girls.

Additional modifications consist of much more two-pay check households, much more solitary mother and father, 24-hour information which sensitizes all of us towards the possible hazards our kids encounter by themselves, as well as a good broadened world associated with non-sports actions open to a young child.

Inside an era associated with hectic mother and father, it is no real surprise which structured sports activities have used on the bigger part. Planned, extremely organised, as well as secure, structured sports activities easier squeeze into the current way of life.

Regrettably, putting these types of large anticipation with structured youngster’s sports activities plan will lead to failing of 1 type or even an additional. A restricted quantity of you are not selected instructors along with different examples of knowledge, several age ranges as well as ability amounts bunched collectively in to solitary leagues, and various behaviour concerning how you can stability enjoyable.

A much better, much more well balanced Strategy

Just how perform we offer the very best sports activities encounter for the youngsters nowadays? I recommend which mother and father accept the theory embodied within our past–balancing involvement within structured sports activities using the additional developing possibilities including immediate parental participation as well as individual, self-directed perform through the kids on their own.

Last but not least, consider an energetic curiosity about your son or daughter’s structured youngsters sports activities encounter. Discover the nearby applications that provide the very best mixture of enjoyable, understanding, as well as competitors which suit your son or daughter. End up being encouraging.

But additionally shoot for a proper stability in between parental participation as well as supplying your son or daughter using the independence in order to discover sports activities upon his/her personal.

Don’t think which structured youngsters sports activities applications would be the whole solution or even that you’re an undesirable mother or father with regard to not really putting your son or daughter in most obtainable plan. You might find which everybody within the loved ones advantages of much less increased exposure of structured sports activities.

At last it may be said that youngster’s sports is very popular and they are very passionate about their sports.

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Electric Scooter -Right for Your Kid or Teen

Electric Scooter -Right for Your Kid or Teen

These days there are several types of compact, portable and eco-friendly vehicles that are being used by people. But the ones that are considered as safe for kids are the electric scooters. The best electric scooter sold by eScooterBox is compact and made from high-grade plastic and is also light weight. These electric scooters are ideal for kids as well as elders who love to travel from one city spot to another in a comfortable and easy way.

Another best thing about electric scooters is that you don’t have to burn gas to drive them. It means kids can easily handle the scooters and if the battery gets weak, all they need to do is to connect the scooter to a power source and within few hours the battery gets fully charged. The entire charging process is so easy and safe that even a 10-year-old kid can charge the battery.

Made with high-quality standards in mind

  • When the best electric scooter is made, high-quality standards are followed. Most of the professional companies which design and manufacture these electric scooters make sure that state of the art manufacturing equipment and latest technology is used. Finally, the scooters are tested for quality so that you enjoy using a nice product.
  • Another major benefit offered by electric scooters is that there is no revolving part inside them. The only thing which revolve is the wheels. As there is no gas based engine, it means there are no harmful gasses that are emitted and hence electric scooters are considered as eco-friendly.

Electric scooters are perfect choice for Kids, teen and elderly

  • Not only teenagers or elderly but kids can also drive these scooters. However, it is always good to supervise them so that they don’t make any mistake. The most ideal scenario would be to let them drive the four-wheeled scooters which can be easily controlled and are considered as the most stable as well.
  • Another important point to keep in mind while driving the best electric scooter for kids,
    is to make sure that proper safety helmet is worn. Normally, the highest speed attained by an advanced electric scooter is around 30 miles per hour, but this much speed is enough to cause an accident.
  • There are some kids who often like to indulge into daredevil acts and here, you need to make sure that these kids are taught well so that they stay within limits and drive the scooter with patience and ease.

Apart from driving these electric scooters in a city or downtown, it is good to take them along with you while going on a picnic or trip to a beach. It really feels nice to drive your favorite electric scooter when the cool breeze is blowing.

Finally, you should always make sure that kids should only drive these electric scooters under strict adult supervision. Though these are safer but at last they are machines that can cause damage if operated in a wrong way. Once you see that your kid is confident while driving an electric scooter and is fully aware of the operation and safety condition, then you can let them enjoy on their own in a park or a picnic trip. You can start with razor e200 electric scooter if this is your very first purchasing.

Enjoy your drive!

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How you are able to prepare for climbing a mountain with the business world

How you are able to prepare for climbing a mountain with the business world

Climbing a mountain is the great journey brings to climbers feel wonderful. With climbing a mountain, you have felt as getting the goal of your life with obstacles that you have to face. There are reasons why you are able to prepare for climbing a mountain with the business world. This one does not have to be the symbolic statement. With several people in the business world, climbing a mountain is able to become the mover for them so that they can already face and even conquer.

It can say that the business is a difficult and pressure work; especially, when someone want to become the great entrepreneur, it will become more difficult. At that time, you always have to be in a fighting stance with working. Of course, occasionally, you have experienced wonderful days. On the contrary, you sometimes need to struggle with the pressure.

Therefore, conquering a mountain is able to help you decrease stress; even, you can understand how problems you are facing. During the journey, a large number of obstacles are waiting for you will help stimulate your brain.

  • When climbing a mountain, your practical experience will gradually increase. In fact, you are mainly walking. Nevertheless, this one will not be easy when you have to walk continuously for hours with a high mountain. Sometimes, you will lose faith in yourself because you think it is too difficult. Exactly, this feeling also is the same as when you do the business.
  • You can nearly control everything in front of your eyes. However, you lost faith in yourself. Consequently, you need to have to know how to pass these problems through climbing a mountain. When you conquered a great mountain, you can find the mover in order to solve every problem.

If you want to become the great entrepreneur, you can consider these below aspects so as to apply in your business through conquering a challenging mountain:prepare to climb

  • The preparation: you are not able to climb mountain as your hobby. Like that, you cannot also start a meeting when you do not have any the preparations. The strong foundation is what you need to have to have. In addition, you need to have the ready position before anything can occur.
  • The sensibility: with several unnecessary risks in the business, you do not often accept. Of course, in climbing a mountain, it is the same like that. At the certain moment, it forces you to give the decision. However, you need to have to decide based on your intelligence. You should remember that do not put yourself in any difficult situations.
  • The commitment: you are not able to turn back if you have chosen to begin this journey. At that time, you need to have to continue climbing the mountain although you feel tired or exhausted. Therefore, when you would like to achieve the success in the business for the long time, you need to have the commitment. The most important object, you must have your goal and never give up in spite of any situations.
  • Needing to have a good team: a team is the important factor that you need to have on the life. This one is important not only in the business but also in the mountaineering. When you have supported from your teammate, you can even pass the difficult problems and help you keep the safety. Consequently, you need to have to believe in your teammate around yourself.

In brief, both climbing a mountain and the business, they need to have the perfect preparation, the total sensibility, the sensible commitment and the value team.

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How To Get The Best Kayak For Fishing ?

How To Get The Best Kayak For Fishing ?

You may find several types of fishing by performing this type of work. This will help you to get more information and enjoyment by this method. You must definitely know few tricks that may help you best kayak that can work for you.kayak fish ways

You must get the right idea for your kayak fish ways and should make decision accordingly. You should target proper fish for you and proper area where fishing is done with all the gear present for the work and for this purpose. Check for the fish that is favorite for you and that is also helpful for you to have it. Fishing is liked by many and they perform all the functions that can make it best to use kayak properly.

Selecting the kayak:

You may find different variety of kayak that is available. You must select appropriate length along with the width that is essential to select and that helps to select the right type of kayak for you and for your family.

First select the size of kayak that is suitable for the right type of fishing and is almost for 10 feet kayak that can be a better option and can be easy to apply on. Check for the transportation and easy way that can help you to get all the benefits of kayak

Ways to use kayak properly:

You must get through all the necessary benefits and check for the latest model that can help you and provide all the benefits. You can check for the standing and sitting position in the kayak that can be helpful for you. Check for the right material that is also needed and is also important. Also note the speed that is very important.

The best speed can be seen on the kayak that is single attached with narrow head and in length as well. You always need to have good speed one kayak that will be beneficial.

You must check for few questions before getting right type of kayak for yourself and that can be helpful for you when buying kayak for yourself.

  • What dimension of kayak is beneficial to have?

It totally is up to the best size that you want to have and with the gear you use along with fishing and to get the best intended one for you.

  • How a large amount maneuverability do you must keep and need?

This may help you to get the best out of everything and the main fish you want to use. You can change your needs that can be similar for your fishing purpose and that can be used in the river or marine water as well. You can get small kayak on the river that can provide you with benefits and easy to work.

It is important to know about the width and how you are sitting or standing for the kayak that will help you to stay stable properly. This can also indicate the right type of fishing needed.

  • Speed of kayak is needed while purchasing :

This is known to be very important question one must check for and think. Check for different speeds either in water that is opened or in reservoir that is big or long. You may also have skinnier one that is helpful

  • Can kayak demo be helpful:

You must check before applying this type. You may get all the beneficial information and get use to of it and also check the paddles are working smoothly or not which can be best applied for your purpose.

You may get the benefit from such type of riding.

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Day of the journeymen

Day of the journeymen

MOUNTAIN stages, like much of the food in France, always take a considerable amount of digesting – first the drama; afterwards the cold facts. Despite winning on both days in the Alps, Tony Rominger gained precisely nothing on Miguel Indurain except a little respect. The Swiss was 5min 44sec down on the Spaniard after Monday’s time-trial, and remains so.

At least he established parity over the seven Alpine mountain peaks, while Indurain’s other rivals were blown away. Over the two days Gianni Bugno lost 20.33, Alex Zulle 19.48, Claudio Chiappucci 9.02.

So suddenly there are two names in the top three to whom nobody gave the slightest consideration prior to the race: Colombia‘s Alvaro Mejia and Zenus Jaskula of Poland.

Miguel Indurain

Mejia, aged 26, rode for the Colombian team Postobon until last year when the economic crisis in the South American country saw Postobon fold. He was due to ride for a new Belgian-based team this year but when that fell through he returned home, a cycling freelance out of work.

That was how he came to be snapped up by the American team Motorola, who have managed to keep a high profile throughout the race. In fact their backers are pulling out at the end of the season, so riders and management have been ultra-keen to show their worth to potential sponsors. Kentucky Fried Chicken has even been mentioned.

Mejia found himself in second place overall going into the 38-mile time-trial by dint of doing nothing wrong in the first week and taking part in a decent break in last Saturday’s seventh stage from Peronne.

On Monday he performed well enough, finishing 21st and dropping only to eighth overall. Then in the Alps the little Colombian twice rode in the long shadows of Indurain and Rominger, losing a mere 15sec to both and shooting back up into second place overall.

Mejia missed last year’s Tour after finishing 19th in 1991, but his overall record is less than startling and hardly comparable to his compatriots Luis Herrera and Fabio Parra.

Jaskula has never ridden the Tour before, although during the last four years he has regularly featured in the top 20 of the Giro d’Italia, including 10th place last month. Like Mejia, the GB-MG rider did nothing wrong in the opening stages and surged after his Italian squad’s fine team time-trial last week which shot Mario Cipollini into the yellow jersey.

A more than useful individual time-triallist, Jaskula was seventh behind Indurain at the Lac de Madine. Then, while not quite matching Mejia on the first day in the Alps, he stuck to the Colombian’s side between Serre-Chevalier and Isola. And so it was that he moved into third place overall.

So, can either Mejia or Jaskula win? Only if Indurain abandons, and even then they would almost certainly be overtaken by Rominger. But one of them may yet stand on the podium in Paris, an honour reserved for the top three. For either it would be the triumph of a journeyman over the stars.

Another journeyman, Italy’s Fabio Roscioli, won yesterday’s stage, the longest this year at 180 miles, by more than seven minutes. As he began the day in 123rd position, almost 1hr 20min down on Indurain, he was a threat to neither man nor beast – but it was a fillip for Chiappucci’s Carrera team.

As the pink rock of the southern Alps gave way to the rich red Mediterranean earth, the day’s oppressive heat saw the complexion of the riders make a similar transformation. The American Lance Armstrong, the youngest rider in the race and the winner of last Sunday’s eighth stage, was told not to start by his Motorola team who were anxious not to burn him up at the tender age of 21.

The peloton was split as an eight-strong chasing group went out after the breakaway – there was more than 8 1/2 minutes between the ninth and 10th finishers – but the top four men all came in together despite a fall by Rominger.

The Tour continues to track west before hitting the Pyrenees on Monday, where three days of climbing could decide if Mejia or Jaskula will stand tall on that Paris podium.

Today: Marseille to Montpellier (114 miles). Tomorrow: Montpellier to Perpignan (140 miles).

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Cycling: Pantani fizzes into flight

Cycling: Pantani fizzes into flight

THE sight of a six-footer such as Miguel Indurain or Alex Zulle storming up a mountain is impressive for the sheer muscle power on display, but a pint-sized pure climber such as Marco Pantani pitted against a peak such as l’Alpe d’Huez, where he won his first Tour stage yesterday, is more emotive.

The Italian, nicknamed the Imp, is tiny, fragile and bird-like; Indurain resembles a brick outdoor convenience.

Pantani rides hunched over the pedals as if in mortal agony. He has the outsize head – shaven to hide the fact that he is balding at only 25 – and protruding ears of a famine victim. It seems unfeasible that after 90 miles in the saddle someone as unathletic-looking can take on such a mountain.

Richard Virenque

Pantani devoured the climb’s 10 miles and 21 hairpins, making the pedals, at the end of legs with no musculature to compare with Indurain’s perfectly sculpted barrel-thighs, fly round with deceptive ease.

The Italian came close to winning three stages in the mountains last year, but on each occasion made his effort too early or too late. Yesterday he got it right. His Carrera team-mates joined forces with Indurain’s Banesto men on the run-up to the Alpe to pull him within reach of a 10-man group including the King of the Mountains Richard Virenque, the Italian revelation Ivan Gotti and another surprise: Laurent Jalabert of France, who finished seventh on the stage, one place ahead of Virenque, to prove that he has become far more than just another sprinter.

Pantani waited for a mile into the Alpe before zipping out of Indurain’s group like a cork out of a champagne bottle. He fizzed past the leaders one by one. Only Gotti, another waif-like figure, managed to hold him for any time. After a few hundred yards he too gave up, leaving Pantani to live out the climber’s ultimate dream: riding alone to victory on the Tour’s most celebrated climb.

The Italian has a reputation as one of the most accident-prone in the bunch.


Last year he produced one of his best efforts, at the 8,000-metre Val Thorens finish, after falling off during the stage. In May he failed to start the Giro d’Italia after colliding with a car while training, damaging a knee and aggravating the injury by over-training. His managers are still worried by the knee, and one said on Tuesday that merely for Pantani to finish was a victory.

Behind, Indurain did not look to repeat Tuesday’s massacre at La Plagne. Instead, with 3 1/2 miles to go he went into overdrive to remove all but Zulle and Bjarne Riis from his wheel. The Swiss and the Dane conserved second and third places, but Riis was almost blown away in the final half-mile.

The unclassifiable, hors categorie climbs of the Madeleine and Croix-de-Fer, climbed before the Alpe, reduced the field to 143. Mario Cipollini did not even bother starting. Evgeny Berzin’s straw locks were a little less bouffant than usual at the start and he ended the stage in a team car.

Tony Rominger was joking at the start that his aim was to get to Paris. The joke turned sour on the Croix-de-Fer, where he had to fight merely to stay with Indurain’s group on the final hairpins. On the Alpe he stood no chance, and waved farewell early on, but restricted his losses to 1min 44sec on Indurain. He is fourth overall, but over eight minutes back, and may well lose his position to Gotti, who is a second behind.

TOUR DE FRANCE: Tenth stage (Aime La Plagne to Alpe d-Huez; 162km): 1, M Pantani (It) Carrera 5hr 13min 14sec; 2, M Indurain (Sp) Banesto at 1min 24sec; 3, A Zulle (Switz) ONCE same time; 4, B Riis (Den) Gewiss Ballan 1.26; 5, L Madouas (Fr) Castorama 1.54; 6, F Escartin (Sp) Mapei GB 2.01; 7, L Jalabert (Fr) ONCE 2.26; 8, R Virenque (Fr) Festina 2.50; 9, I Gotti (It) Gewiss Ballan st; 10, C Chiappucci (It) Carrera 3.02. Also: 62, M Sciandri (GB) MG Technogym 20.53; 88, S Yates (GB) Motorola 27.12. Overall: 1, Indurain 42hr 32min 58sec; 2, Zulle at 2.27; 3, Riis 6.00; 4, T Rominger (Swi)8.19; 5, Gotti 8.20; 6, Jalabert 9.16; 7, Pantani 12.38; 8, M Mauri (Sp) 12.49; 9, P Tonkov (Rus) 12.58; 10, Escartin 13.43. Also: 53, Sciandri 1.00.01; 101, Yates 1.27.38. Points: 1, Jalabert 186; 2, D Abdoujaparov (Uzbekistan) Novell 169; 3, Indurain 117. King of the Mountains: 1, Virenque 205pts; 2, Zulle 142; 3, Indurain 112. Overall team: 1, ONCE 127hr 58min 54sec; 2, Gewiss-Ballan 20.36; 3, Mapei GB 30.49.

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Thorpe creates Ali-style aura

Thorpe creates Ali-style aura

IAN THORPE is assuming a Muhammad Ali-style aura of invincibility after setting three extraordinary world records in as many days, national coach Don Talbot said last night.

Even world champion Michael Klim was forced to swim at Thorpe’s feet, as the 16-year-old phenonemon soared to another world record in the 200m freestyle at the Pan Pacific championships in Sydney last night.

He claimed to be reaching the end of his reserves, but there was no obvious sign of it as he vanquished Klim and his own one-day-old world record in the 200m freestyle final, setting the new mark at 1:46.00.

“The champion, particularly when they are talented like that, creates an aura that they can’t be beaten,” Talbot said.

Pan Pacific championship

“It’s like that in every sport. Muhammad Ali, I’m sure, intimidated everyone.”

In an epic meet which has seen six world records fall in three days, Thorpe is undoubtedly the shining star.

This most remarkable teenager now has the opportunity to achieve the mind-boggling feat of five world records in four days.

He is tipped to lead-off Australia’s 4x200m freestyle relay tonight, giving him the chance not only to improve his individual time but set up a relay world record for his team.

But just as others were beginning to proclaim his invincibility, he showed the first hint of vulnerability. He said he felt “incredibly lethargic” after the 200m final.

“Everything is starting to catch up with me tonight,” he said. “In the last 50m I had nothing left and it’s the first time I have felt like that. I just hoped I had enough of a lead.”

His coach Doug Frost said they would have to nurse him through the rest of the meet. “The 200m was tough, it was telling on him tonight. I don’t think he swam as well as he’s possibly capable of right now,” Frost said.

Even Klim, who was the most successful man in the history of the world championships when he won seven medals (four gold) just 18 months ago, was forced to concede that Thorpe looked unbeatable this week.

“He’s having one of those meets. I don’t think anyone can stop him at the moment. I hope I can tomorrow (in the 100m freestyle),” he said.

A disappointed Klim could not recapture the form which made him the fifth man in history to break 1:47 in the 200m semi-finals. He finished a body-length behind, yet still in a faster time (1:47.40) than he swam to win the world title last year. South African Ryk Neethling was third in a personal best 1:48.17.

Thorpe attacked the race from the gun last night, leading the sprinter Klim through 100m, and still found his customary mid-race surge to take control. He said he was hurting and hoping in the last lap but by then his victory was secure.

The champion duo will meet again in the 100m freestyle preliminaries today with Klim possessing the advantage, at least going into the event.

“What I have done, I want to put behind me and look forward to the next five days. An eight-day meet is a long time to stay up and I have my best events in front of me,” Klim said.

The Australian team continued to hold the world No.1 ranked Americans at bay on the medal tally, winning two gold medals last night for a total of six in three days. The Americans have won four.

Australia’s first women’s gold medal was the most surprising as 23-year-old Dyana Calub produced the performance of her life to break Nicole Stevenson’s Commonwealth record in the 100m backstroke and tie with world championships silver medallist Mai Nakamura in a time of 1:01.51.

But Susan O’Neill seems certain to add to the tally tonight after qualifying fastest for the 200m freestyle final yesterday. O’Neill, who also appears to be in the best form of her life was the only swimmer to break two minutes for the distance, winning her semi-final in 1:59.88.

American Tom Malchow continued the assault on the record books in the men’s 200m butterfly semi-finals last night, just missing the world record, but setting the third fastest time in history, 1:55.76. He will have another chance to join the party in tonight’s final.

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